Myanmar travels

Well, after the past weeks of hard work and organisation I finally have been enjoying the sweet freedom of finishing the first semester. And in accordance with the tone of the past year it had to be adventurous and new! So I have been chilling, busing and biking around Myanmar for the last 4 days … More Myanmar travels

Bangkok to Laos

I wish I had the determination and time to write about everything day by day but here I am nearly half way through and not having documented a word other than a vague attempt at a diary which is still stuck in last week! So, this month-long adventure is a 3 country tour starting and … More Bangkok to Laos

Hong Kong trip

It’s only been under 2 weeks since my last post but since then I have been in Singapore for the final time this year, spent 5 days in Bangkok and have now begun official backpacking with my 2 friends from the uk in Thailand! Returning to Singapore last week felt like returning home but sadly … More Hong Kong trip

Reality Check

In 3 months today I will be home, that’s it the ‘year abroad’ will be over and I will be heading back to the reality of the final year of university and finding a job so I don’t end up unemployed when I graduate. A month today, if all goes well with my Chinese visa, … More Reality Check

Sightseeing in Sydney

It’s been a very hectic few weeks so finding a moment to update and write about what I’ve been up to has been difficult! I’m just back from recovering from all the fun and exams on holiday for mid semester break in Sydney!  Leading up to the break I’ve had 3 exams, a lifesaving competition … More Sightseeing in Sydney

Chinese New Year!

So we are still in the 15 day long celebration that welcomes in the new year of the Zodiac in the Chinese calendar. I had never really experienced Chinese New Year (CNY) before and I had no idea of the traditions that are associated with it so it was quite an amazing experience! My first … More Chinese New Year!

Feels like home!

So much for the attempt to keep on top of blogging this year! The last couple of weeks although eventful have just been mostly about getting back into the swing of university term again. It’s very strange to be back when most of the exchange students that I became friends with last semester have left. … More Feels like home!