Hong Kong trip

It’s only been under 2 weeks since my last post but since then I have been in Singapore for the final time this year, spent 5 days in Bangkok and have now begun official backpacking with my 2 friends from the uk in Thailand!

Returning to Singapore last week felt like returning home but sadly I returned as a visitor. It’s funny how a country so unlike your own and so far removed from my upbringing in a small English town can feel so homely! It’s amazing what a year can do to change your perspective. My last week was spent going to galleries (national and art science), going to the cinema and packing up my remaining stuff to ship home leaving me with enough for just my backpack to travel with.

Luckily when this Monday came and it was time to leave I wasn’t leaving for Hong Kong alone so the final goodbye to a country now so much part of my life was not as difficult!

We landed into Hong Kong late Monday evening to find, unsurprisingly given how


bumpy our flight was, a level 8 typhoon warning had been issued! We settled into our hotel room (a cupboard) but the typhoon meant all shops were shut other than the 7 eleven down the road, so dinner turned out to be pot noodles… but we forgot to ask for chopsticks and so night 1 in HK was noodles eaten with a toothbrush. A great start.



Unfortunately the typhoon although it lessened throughout the week it still was overcast and rained regularly. This didn’t stop us however from exploring. Yongda has been before twice so was effectively my tour guide for the week which I am endlessly grateful for as I would have been overwhelmed by myself!

We went for a typical breakfast – macaroni soup with scrabbled egg – followed by the maritime museum and dim sum for dinner. Wednesday was when we walked the dragons back hike and amazingly it stayed dry for the whole walk and even was hot enough to get tan lines! That evening we indulged in a trip to Ozone, the worlds highest bar on the 118th floor at the top of the Ritz-Carlton hotel! Although cloudy the view was incredible and well worth the pricey G&T (thanks yd).

A cloudy but impressive view from the Dragons Bac

Thursday we went to Tian Tan Buddha which again was cloudy but the statue shrouded in mist gave it a mystical feel. We followed that with a delicious VIP meal in the monastery before heading back to the hostel.
Our last day was spent packing, exploring Kennedy town and visiting the history museum – which is terrible – before grabbing our bags and heading off to the airport!

The airport was tough as it was a final goodbye – but only for a while – to someone I had spent every waking second with for two weeks. Luckily the adventure that lay ahead was enough to make me excited I get on the plane even if I was crying while it happened…

The backpacking instalments will hopefully be more regular due to travel time – this blog was written while sat on a sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai!



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