Half-marathon and Happy Holidays

It has been a couple of weeks full of highs and lows and I have finally made it through to the end of my first semester at NTU and to the Christmas holidays!

In a very quick 2 weeks I have sat 4 exams, finished my semester, said goodbye to so many friends whom I’ve met here who are only here for one semester including 3 members of my wonderful flat!  I have also organised a BBQ for my lovely lifeguard society friends and last but not least I ran the Standard Charter Half Marathon in Singapore. Who knows how the exams went but making it to this point and going through all that, no matter what the results, I am so insanely proud of myself (I don’t often get to blow my own trumpet so I’m going to make the most of this achievement).

I had a bit of a wobble last week where I had given up on revision, tired of being stuck in a library despite it still being summer weather – as it always is in Singapore. I was also trying to figure out a house for uni next year, a flat for January, organise a BBQ (which is a bit different in Asia than England) and preparing physically and mentally to run my first Half marathon! It all got very stressful, but the days past and I finally got to walk out of my last exam on Friday evening then spontaneously got dressed up and headed to Clarke Quay to enjoy a well deserved glass of bubbly!

IMG_9263.JPGCelebrating was curtailed by the necessity of sleep in preparation for Sunday’s race which, to avoid the heat (if that is even possible) started at 5am so we had a 2:00 am start. I have never run a half-marathon before and I didn’t even do running before this year so this was a real challenge, especially when you factor in the ‘cool’ morning temperatures of 26 degrees and the 70% humidity!  Starting under the amazing Christmas lights on one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, Orchard Road. It is surreal to be stood in the middle of a road in gym kit, sweating next to a massive Victoria secret and Hermes!

The route was a real treat as it covered most of the city centre running past Raffles mrt station and the famous location of Satay Street around the bay, through the Gardens by the bay, over the Barrage round past the stadium and finishing along the Padang! The views were constantly amazing, I think I’ve seen Marina Bay Sands from every possible anger and in every light starting in pitch black to the slow sunrise (and the building heat) to end on a lovely Singapore morning. Although my time was not as good as I was hoping, after such a crazy week building up to it, and the very hot conditions I am still so proud that I even crossed the line!


Sunday evening we chilled at Gardens by the Bay which has a Christmas market and img_9315beautiful Christmas lights and the daily light show was done to seasonal songs, it was a real treat.

Now I’m free of work and the pressure of training and the BBQ on Monday evening went really well (with enough satay to sink a battleship), I’m back off to travel the world! I head to Myanmar on Thursday and counting down to seeing my family on the 20th!!!  Christmas holiday is here and it feels so good.





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