Exams and emotions

When they say ‘study abroad’ they do actually mean you have to study, and with the amount of travel I’ve done rather than attending lectures that has left rather more than anticipated to study for my exams! I had one exam on Monday and have 3 left before I can breathe again, with the amount of work I left myself to do the last couple of weeks have been the toughest I’ve had yet.

I’ve been so lucky not to have had any culture shock, as I am aware that being so far away from home in such an alien environment can be very difficult to get used to and emotionally draining. I had my first real experience of home sickness as exam season really got started and it just shows that the second I stop doing amazing stuff to distract me, it’s not as easy to deal with as I thought. This isn’t helped by the Christmas season sneaking up on us! Christmas is a time that I immediately associate with being at home with my family and it isn’t easy to have such a distance of separation when you have that image of a warm fire and a evening of chatting with your family in your head.

Nothing really interesting has happened in the last couple of weeks, it’s mainly been me fighting with work and trying not to get upset my Christmas in another country and missing my family!! Although, I did manage to spare half a day to go to Marina Barrage and sneak back into Marine Bay Sands pool, that was definitely a well needed treat.



Apologies for the boring and emotional post!  I’m off to Myanmar and Vietnam in December so there’ll be a distinct improvement soon 🙂



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