The life of Rosie

This time I managed to remain in Singapore for a grand total of 3 full days before popping out again. I headed back out of SG and went back to Malaysia to finally see Kuala Lumpur and to visit my wonderful friend from school who is conveniently studying there for the year too!

I’m mid way through writing my history assignment so the amount of waiting around on the MRT and then Changi was mostly filled with writing and coffee so actually the journey worked perfectly to my advantage. But after lots of waiting around for only an hours hop on the plane I travelled to see my lovely friend in her quite nice apartment block… that has an infinity pool, just another girl living the study abroad student life. Thursday evening we headed off for a spectacular drink on a helipad looking out the towers, what a view to start off my few days!


Friday was a very busy day of sightseeing, I think I saw most of the sights in KL in one day. Starting in Merdeka square we walked through little India bought some breakfast (deep friend banana) and then headed on through China town. We stopped at a couple of beautiful temples on the busy streets and managed to fit in some shopping in Central market, where I acquired some very hippy trousers fully embracing the gap yah stereotype!

The city doesn’t seem dissimilar to Singapore in many ways but there are less high-rise buildings and it’s more chaotic. We walked in a massive circle and P1020555.JPGended back up in the square at the cricket ground (of course there is a cricket ground… bloody British influence) and then decided to escape into the aircon provided b the various museums. The textile museum and music museums were interesting but didn’t take very long to look around. The city museum was the most interesting with a mix of art, history, culture and a lovely photo opportunity!


Then the obvious thing to see to round of the city tour was the Patronas towers, but looking at them from the outside is only half the picture, you have to go up see the truly impressive nature of the towers. While we waited for our tour time of 6:30 we went to have a light snack of Malaysian afternoon tea!  With good food, good company and then an incredible view it was a pretty nice afternoon.

Saturday was of course the Batu Caves – this is apparently one of the must do things in KL but do not go expecting some incredible temple built into a cave, as I did, bceause it simply isnt’ that impressive. The cave itself is a wonderful natural creation, then there is just a normal little temple sat in the middle. It isn’t anythign speical as a temple, however if you have time and aren’t scared of the dark then the dark caves make up for the disappointment of the temple!  The dark caves are surprisingly dark, you get given torches and walked through the caves listening to bats fly around above you, spot spiders and millipedes which was pretty cool.  After spending most of the day walkign up and down stairs it seemed only right that the remainder was spent drinking beer and eating satay, noodles and dumplings.

P1020613.JPGAlthough KL was awesome and somewhere I would go back to for more aimless wondering around the streets I have to admit the highlight of my trip was Sunday. This whole day was devoted to the one thing that Nikki and I have been missing so much – a Sunday Roast! We searched online and located the place to eat Sunday roast and it did not disappoint.  Roast Beef with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, horseradish sauce and a glass of wine followed by sticky toffee pudding and bread and butter pudding (we couldn’t decide on just one pudding)!  Bulldog is the place to go to get your British fix!



Thank you so much Nikki for having me and we will be back on tour for Nikki & Rosie travels part 2 in just over 2 weeks!!!  I truly am living the Life of Rosie… I couldn’t recommend study abroad enough.


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