Malacca – lah

The past few days I have been in Malacca with my parents, this trip marked the start of a few weeks of random adventures I have lined up for myself (as you do).  Despite this I have a lot of revision and work to do this week in order to afford myself the time out to go to cool places so I’m about to start that… after I’ve written this.

Malacca is a wonderful place to spend a few days just wondering around, appreciating some history and sitting and having coffee, beer and delicious food!  The city centre with most of the tourist attractions is centred around a few streets and around the river, it makes it easily accessible as there isn’t too much walking if you don’t want it. The river is very picturesque and is definitely the photogenic highlight of the whole city for me! No matter what time of day I took a photo the view looked amazing, in the sun the water looks an incredible jade colour.


The sights we went round included the old Dutch colonial buildings, St Pauls church and the original Portuguese gate. These are all located around the hill that has been used to build up fortifications by every nation that has taken charge of Malacca so there is history on top of history!  Then there is the Asian side to the history – the bit when Europeans weren’t invading and telling them what to do. The reconstruction of the Sultans palace shows the impressive architecture of these old Malay buildings, and the Baba & Nyonya house gives you an insight into the daily life of a Peranakan family.

After all the intellectually stimulating sights weimage definitely required some refreshments and there are a fair few bars located along the river bank making a perfect spot for a post dinner drinking watching the sun go down!

We also learnt over the few days that they don’t open up coffee shops until after 10am, so don’t expect a morning coffee!  It also limited breakfast options so over the course of 3 days we had cheesecake, waffles and masala dosa for breakfast. That gives you a flavour of the cultural melting pot that is Malacca.


Today I had a pretty hair-raising journey back in a minibus as the driver simultaneously was speeding, lane dodging, texting and chatting on the phone. I guess life threatening driving is all part of life, right?

Now time to get on with revision… or maybe a film…


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