Study and explore

After 7 weeks of lectures I have earnt my recess week!  I had two tests last week – so I can prove that I am doing work here, despite general appearance of my blog. Study abroad isn’t all fun and games, even this week I am trying to plan a history essay and revise for another exam next week.

That being said… My parents flew out to see me last Friday and I am writing this sat in a lovely house on the riverside on Malcca (Malaysia)!


The lasts few days have been filled with lovely bars, eating great food and more sightseeing in SG which included going to Jurong bird park. A few of the amazing places I’ve seen in the last few days include ‘Cook & Brew’ in the Westin hotel which is relaxed and perfect for a nice drink and a chat in a smart but comfortable environment. The super tree bar by Indochine from which you can overlook marina bay sands and the gardens lit up in the evening light, and Jurong Bird Park which was (much to our surprise) really well done!  The birds are clearly well cared for and the keepers know what they are talking about, they run breeding programs to increase the numbers of endangered species and many of the birds roam free over the area.


It has been a fabulous few days and I’m sure I will have more to write about after I have experienced more of Malacca in the coming days!

P.S. You can find lots more updates and pictures on my travel blog Instagram @travelswithrosie



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