SG Grand Prix!

Two months down and I’ve only got one more week of lectures until I have recess week!  It’s so scary that 7 weeks of lectures and 2 months in Singapore has gone so fast, I’m effectively a quarter of the way through my year here.  I’ve had to do a little bit more work now since I have mid-term exams this week and after recess week so it’s been a bit quieter with not a huge amount to report… until my day at the F1 yesterday!!

I think if you are around Singapore one thing you have to do is go to the F1, no matter what your understanding or enthusiasm level is aviary-photo_131186489571347597for any kind of car or racing driving you will enjoy it! I do like F1 but it wasn’t until watching the cars go past as I was stood next to the barriers seeing the immense speed of the cars but also the narrowness of the course with concrete walls to box them in that I appreciated the skill this sport requires.  It may not be a spectator sport for the whole race which was why I went to see the qualifying, but it was enough to really get caught up in the sport for the first time.


I bought a walk about ticket for zone 4 and headed over with 3 of my flatmates, it was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a while! It helped that the backdrop was spectacular and we kept the beer flowing for the 7 hours that we were there… but a truly unforgettable experience. aviary-photo_131186503391146868

aviary-photo_131186504000733258The atmosphere was so electric with the DJ’s playing all day with the commentary that was blasted out alongside the buzz of the cars racing round the whole Padang field.  To top off the whole day Bastille and Queen and Adam Lambert played on the Padang stage before and after qualifying and both acts were superb!  Bastille are really great to hear with such a good energy and then Queen and Adam Lambert played the classic hits and I was so happy with the whole day and the experience that when Bohemian Rhapsody started I actually teared up!  Seriously amazing experience and I couldn’t recommend going enough, what a weekend.


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