Monkeying around in Borneo

It’s one of my aims in life to travel and see as much of the world as possible and it was a one very strong motive for choosing to study in Singapore for this year.  Time seems to be getting away from me already as I have been here for over 6 weeks, so it was about time I made my first trip out of the country!

Singapore provides easy access to basically the whole of Asia with relative ease!  So last Monday 4 of my flat decided that we wanted to go see another country and stumbling across a flight to Kuching on Borneo for under $100 return we leapt at the chance. Within 4 days of booking the flights we headed over the boarder of Malaysia since it was much cheaper to fly from Senai than Changi!  By Friday evening we were set up in a really lovely backpackers hostel called Radioman (cheap and comfy perfect for a weekend trip) in the centre of Kuching next to the waterfront.

Saturday morning we had booked a tour to take us to p1010960Smeggok Orangutan reserve, the orangutans may or may not turn up to the feeding platform depending on whether they are hungry so you do run the risk of seeing nothing. It is also coming up to fruit season so there is less reason for them to get food and the morning before apparently there had been none! Knowing this made me apprehensive… but then only made the experience that much more enjoyable!!!  We were lucky enough to see 6 orangutans including a baby and the alpha male called Richi, who is particularly photogenic:p1010980

The rest of Saturday was consumed by wondering around Kuching; eating lunch in China Town, visiting the museum the explains the history of the area, walked along the waterfront and then ended the evening by hiring a private kareoke booth – as you do!


Sunday was incredible, we had been recommended to go and visit Bako national park and I’m so glad we did!  We got a bus from the centre of town to the park gate from which you get a boat out to the park which was breathtaking.


There are several different walking trails to follow across the park from which you can spop1020060t the Proboscis monkeys and the wild boar wondering around the lodges.  we walked first to the beach with the amazing view pictured below, and then we walked across the island to a cliff that looks out across the sea in the opposite direction. It was hard going for the walks which are very up and down and a lot of walking on rotting wooden boards, but worth every effort and ridiculous amount of water we had to consume to make up for how much we were sweating!


It was a great way to spend the day and we got back with enough time to have another walk around, sit in a cafe and eat cake before getting in a taxi to head back to the airport.  With a smooth journey home I had just enough time to get 6 hours sleep before getting up for my 9:30 lecture on Monday morning!  I didn’t anticipate studying abroad being this fantastic, I constantly feel very lucky to be where I am.


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