Visitors and views

I’m gradually perfecting the tour guide status I get when people come to visit me.  Last week two of my friends from England stopped by and we had 3 days to do all the essential Singapore sites.  So my 3 day tour plan:

Day 1 (Wednesday): Two very tired girls arrived on my doorstep but we began the whistle
stop tour of SG. Obviously the place to start is getting off the MRT at City Hall and walking down past the Esplanade theatres to appreciate that view up to Marine Bay Sands and the Merlion.  We walked along the bay and over the bridge to the Shoppes Centre, if you go down in front there is a beautiful pond full of flowers that I hadn’t seen before – provides a pretty incredible view! IMG_8488.JPG

After a little retail therapy (such a bad habit) we went up into Marina Bay Sands hotel lobby which is an attraction in itself!  Then headed out up in the lift to the view point to look out over the Gardens by the Bay which is simply stunning.  Even without sufficient energy to walk around that view alone will stay with you for a lifetime!

That was enough excitement for one day considering the journey my visitors had started the day with.  We headed home, swam in the pool and they got their first Hawker market experience – have you really visited Singapore if you didn’t eat in a Hawker market?

Day 2:  Vaguely refreshed from their jet lag we were ready for day 2, heading over to Arab street to look at Sultans Mosque which we had timed perfectly to go inside of which is just as impressive and tranquil as the outside of this impressive building!  We stopped to have a Bandung drink and pose for photos on Haji lane!


Heading over to the Tekka centre for lunch – potentially one of the best places to enjoy Indian cuisine in Singapore and the busiest Hawker market I’ve been into yet!  We had a delicious veggy Indian lunch and then hopped back on the MRT to go across to the Botanical Gardens. The gardens are so peaceful and green and perfect for flower enthusiasts as well as anyone who wants a stroll or a run!

I think anyone who comes to SG has to visit Clarke Quay – whether it is for a fruit juice at lunch (or something stronger, it’s 10 o’clock somewhere), for dinner or drinks and a night out it offers an amazing atmosphere with a huge range of food and drinks available!  We went in for the evening to the Pump Room which was perfect for dancing the night away without crowds of people and live music all evening!  Such a great evening!!

Day 3:  Unfortunately our original plan to go to Sentosa and the Adventure Cove water park was scuppered by the haze blowing in from Indonesia! It wasn’t a very high PSI but to wake up to the smell of cigarettes and a thick smokey fog outside doesn’t make a compelling impression to spend the day outside… so plan b was a much more chilled day of explore one of the thousands of giant shopping malls!!  Jurong East has about 4 malls all connected, quite enough space to spend the day.  We also went to see the BFG in the cinema – a film I would see again any day it was absolutely beautiful!

It was fun few days, leading my little tour group around the sites (I’m getting pretty good at this after visiting the main sites at least 3 times now, tour guide at your service if you happen to drop by :))

Brining a brilliant end to the week I went to St Johns island with P1010893.JPGa couple of my flatmates to wonder through the trees, see the monkeys and cats and sit on a beach and each fruit.  A very relaxing day and another trip I would thoroughly recommend – the beach is lovely as it’s quiet (at least it was when we went) and doesn’t feel fake like Sentosa does!  It was still a little cloudy from the haze but didn’t stop me getting sun burnt…



Here’s to another week of adventures and more wonderful visitors and views!






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