I’m a whole month into my year abroad!  I’ve always envisioned not living in England for part of my life but the fact I’m 20 and I already get to claim residency in Singapore is pretty cool.

People have kept asking if I feel homesick and honestly as much as I love my family I haven’t. I guess I’ve just been too busy doing fabulous things to really notice, and the constant flow of amazing visitors and friends is keeping me in touch with home quite enough!

A lovely weekend with my Uncle and Auntie, one school friend and her family stopped over for another weekend and tomorrow morning one of my favourite people and life long friends stops over on her way to Australia for the year!  Safe to say I’ve been very lucky with my adventurous friends and family.


On top of all this somehow I’ve managed to attend 3 weeks of lectures and tutorials, go out 4 times last week, visit the national gallery and last night I attended my first training session with the NTU lifesaving competition team!  I’m completely exhausted but I can’t help constantly thinking “when in Singapore…”, It doesn’t happen every day!  Well it happens every day for a year but that doesn’t lessen the need to enjoy every second.

I want to say that I’ll have a quiet week to recover but somehow I don’t think that I can make time to be too quiet when there is so much to see and do still!!  Everything is so exciting and interesting, it’s so fun to run about like a headless chicken…

If I forget to update it’ll probably be because I’m on another adventure!

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