Pinch me I’m dreaming!

I’m coming to the end of my second week in Singapore which would probably be the full length of any holiday, but unlike being on holiday I’m not ready to go home because it is really starting to feel like home! I’m not fed up and tired, I think I’m finally adjusting to the way of doing things here: the temperature, learning the transport routes and the much more relaxed pace of the people.

On holiday you see amazing things, visit cool places and look out at incredible views with a sense of wonder and excitement that you picked this amazing place for your holiday and know that it was a brilliant choice. I can confirm that it’s even more exciting to look at the same views, visit the same cool places knowing that you have a year in which you can come back and appreciate it all over again! In the past couple of days I have done a lot of sightseeing and covered a lot more ground here from Little India round the Bay and the Gardens by the Bay. Every corner you turn there is something interesting to look!

P1010628.JPGIf you are visiting I can’t recommend Little India enough – you have to walk down Arab street, see the Sultan’s mosque and then head over to the Tekka centre for lunch, I had garlic naan and dahl for lunch for $2.50!  Also the shopping experience of a lifetime can be found in Mustafas, it tries hard from the outside to appear as a classy department store but it is packed to the rafters with every item you can imagine in a slightly chaotic system, it’s also quite easy to get lost it!
P1010663.JPGTake a walk around the Bay! We walked from Little India down to the Bay front by Nicholl Highway from which you can look back on the National Stadium.  Then walking along the front we passed the set up for the seats for the Grand Prix next month based underneath the Singapore flyer and looking across to the Gardens by the Bay.


The Gardens are breathtaking!  They are wonderfully diverse and full of greenery and interesting information, perfect for children and adults.  P1010673The views from the entrance are beautiful but the design of the gardens extends into the domes (cloud forest and the flower domes) which are in themselves architectural masterpieces full to the brim with exotic flowers and waterfalls.  For such a hot and humid country I didn’t expect such an effort to maintain the greenery across the whole country with so many green rooftops and balcony’s.  I feel like I’m constantly in a state of complete awe.



I don’t know whether the fact that I actually get to call this country home for the next few months will ever sink in… but looking at views like this…


Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!


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