A State of Fun

It’s amazing how much you can pack into a few days especially when I know that term will start in a week and I won’t have as much free time to do and see everything!!  So I intended to do one blog post a week but if I leave it any longer it’ll go on forever… and I’ll start forgetting things!

27/07/16My flat of 5 currently has 4 occupants who have arrived throughout the week, on Tuesday evening Lucas arrived and with a sunny morning on Wednesday we took the opportunity to go to Sentosa – The State of Fun!!!

Sentosa is a magical land of ridiculousness and all the fun one person can handle!!  We didn’t really do any of the seriously touristy stuff like Universal Studio’s or zip lining… but even walking around you can’t fail to enjoy the Disney like surroundings and the plastic rocks on the beachesP1010507. Even the signage is entertaining…

Sunbathing and walking around a plastic island of fun made for a pretty good day.  Despite the touristy vibes of Sentosa the surroundings are beautifully green and the views are pretty spectacular!

The picture below is from the viewing platform at the southern most point on continental Asia which is quite cool!  You don’t realise it inland but the coastline is populated with shipping boats, which makes looking out to sea a little more interesting!P1010495.JPG

Wednesday night is ladies night in Singapore so free entry and drinks!!  With such a tempting offer we couldn’t resist so of course we chose our club and headed into the centre Clark Quay – forgetting that free stuff also means it’s really busy. So we gave up on the queue and sat in a Churros bar instead – because that is the logical substitute.  But it was a fun introduction to the nightlife here with so many people from different backgrounds in one area with bright lights and loud music!  Maybe we’ll try again next week… but we seem to constantly be living in this state of fun!!




4 thoughts on “A State of Fun

  1. Sentosa is such an amazing place … I went there a couple years back. Do they still have the Angry Birds gondola thing to get to the island? — my brother was obsessed with it 🙂


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