Time Flies

After 2 flights, 15 hours in the air and a very stressful connection at Doha I’m in Singapore!

Flying is always fun – good people watching! On my first flight I made friends with the lovely Kenyan lady sat next to me due to our delightful neighbour who played music through speakers, gambled, shouted and tipped coca cola all over the her shoes!  Fair to say that not much sleep was had on that flight.  Also to add to the fun of my journey I had 40 minutes between landing and take off for the next flight and we had to get a bus from the plane to the terminal. During that panic I made friends with a guy who was heading to Singapore on business who ran with me through Doha airport in his suit while we sweated in 35 degrees at 1 am!! Luckily we made the flight and the rest of the journey went seamlessly, and I even got my case despite the quick transfer.

Predictably it’s hot, which is definitely going to take some getting used to… but it’s amazing!  My apartment is so nice with a view out from the 20th floor over the Jurong East district.  It’s hard to imagine that I was searching for off campus accommodation 8 months ago when I came across Xchange housing and thought that it would be perfect to live, so much so that I saved it in my bookmarks on google as ‘dream living’.  And this is why I called it a dream….sunset yesterday evening from our living room window…


Safe to say I’m blissfully happy in my temporary home eating noodles (Fish ball noodles) in the Hawker market next door and evening swims in the swimming pool!


Despite jet lag my new room mate and I went into the centre today to explore, we figured out the metro and went directly to Raffles Place!  After a delicious lunch in a Korean BBQ restaurant in Clark Quay mall (where they cooked all our food on the table!) we walked around attempting to find a sim card and just look at the buildings.  If I was asked I would say I’m not a city person and I’d never consider living in London, and yet here I am in a big sprawling city with sky scrapers and I’m completely in love!

Tourist mode activate:tourist.jpg

So much to see and do, and I still have over a week until lectures start at NTU so let’s see how much I can cram into this before I have to go to uni during the week days!


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