The Countdown…

It’s 1 week to go until I fly to Singapore, a real mile stone in the inevitable countdown! I’ve been telling people that I am going on a year abroad for over 3 years now and I’ve had my heart set on Singapore for 2 years and suddenly it’s a week away… even if I tell myself i’m leaving in however many days it isn’t getting any more real. I’m sort of expecting to wake up from this dream, start a summer job and count down to starting my next year at Exeter uni. Maybe when my suitcase is packed and I’m on a plane half way across the world it might begin to sink in.

You would have thought that with so little time left everything would have been sorted and I’d be adding the finishing touches to the ridiculous number of forms I’ve had to fill in to be allowed to study and live in a different country!  But I still have yet to sign a housing contract (it is supposedly all sorted apart from having my signature on an official document but it doesn’t help the nerves)  … I’m telling myself it’s all part of the fun but having somewhere to live is sort of important, right? Anyway I’m sure that will be sorted out with a day or two to spare!

Packing is underway, by which I mean the whole of our spare bedroom is completely covered in piles of my clothes and shoes!  However with a luggage allowance of only 1 suitcase the harder task of narrowing it down to what will fit in has yet to commence… that’s one thing I am putting off until later this week.

Hopefully later in the week I’ll have said all my goodbyes to people for the next year. The ones I have already said have been hard knowing that I leave my uni friends to move on and graduate while I put graduation off for another year.  It is very difficult to realise it will be a whole year before I’m home again but I’m trying to stay happy and positive – I’ve worked hard to get myself in this position and it’s something I’ve dreamed of… so I will enjoy it!

7 days and counting….



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